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12 thoughts on “Reviews ~

  1. I will thoroughly miss my massage appointments with Denita now that she is moving. She’s a good listener with her hands, attentive, skilled, handles knots without hurting you, creates a relaxing ambiance; an hour always went by too fast! I highly recommend her to anyone who is tense and in need of some self-care.

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  2. What a treat. I am a beginner when it comes to massages, but this experience was amazing. The setting was tastefully decorated and calming upon entry. Denita took care to note any physical conditions that might affect her massage. It was obvious that she is experienced and gifted in her profession. I will not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family!


  3. I am from Indiana and was here in town when I saw the add in the American Bank building on shoreline. I got a card and made an appointment. I have had massages on a regular bases for more than 20 years from many different therapists and I can say in all honesty that Denita is 5 star. She is very attuned to what you need and very capable at addressing the issue. I only wish I lived in town. I highly recommend her with no reservation. I promise you will be more than satisfied.
    Linda McKee


  4. Denita is knowledgeable and professional. Originally she was referred to me by one of her clients. As a treat for my employees, I had her come to our office and give each employee a 10 minute chair massage. Concentrating on the neck and shoulders. They totally enjoyed the stress relief. Since that time, I have been going to her for about 2 years. She is totally in tune with my body/aches/ and soreness. Occasionally I will fall asleep because I get so relaxed. I highly recommend her for any reason you need massage. Treat yourself, you deserve it.


  5. Best few massages I have ever had!! I had been experiencing some numbness in my hands and fingers for months. I had done all of the physical therapy exercises the doctor had prescribed with no relief. Finally I went to Denita for help. A couple of massages later I had full feeling back in both hands and all fingers. It was amazing. Best massage experience I have ever had.


  6. Denita is an intuitive healer, utilizing sense and touch to promote restoration at a deeper level, both physically and spiritually. More than just an appeal to sensation, the massage was therapeutic and targeted my lower back pain, leaving me feeling flexible and pain free! Undoubtedly I will be returning to this unique and personal healer for future massages!


  7. I tried Denita once and was hooked! Now I go weekly because I feel so much better. I have osteoarthritis in my left hip and both knees. She is able to help relieve most of the stiffness and much of the pain. I highly recommend Denita if you are one of the many like myself who needs help with the problems of getting older. I am not doing high kicks yet but I am definitely improving each week.


  8. I highly recommend you to come see Denita. Denita is very friendly and professional, it was the best massage I ever had! I had recently started having severe low back pain and neck pain Denita managed to relieve the pain in those 2 areas. It was relaxing, with good pressure, and I felt completely loose and relieved thereafter. I slept great that night! I had never had a full body massages because I didn’t feel comfortable, but the way she did my massage, it didn’t hurt, and it was awesome. It was just right. I can honestly say that I am totally relaxed now and feeling great…I will sure be back…😊


  9. I had been experiencing considerable shoulder and neck pain and under the care of a chiropractor. He suggested that in addition to his care I also get a therapeutic massage. Denita was very skilled which made the massage therapeutic. She was very sensitive to my needs and applied the right amount of pressure to my achy muscles. The muscles then relaxed to alieviate the acute pain. I had been planning a car trip and was able to ride for several days with very little discomfort. I would highly recommend Denita for a not only relaxing massage but also for a therapeutic message. I will be using her again as part of my total health regime.


  10. I’ve had several massages in town from several therapists. Denita does a wonderful job. My massage was thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing. Her new location is professional and peaceful. She kept up a good verbal dialogue regarding any problem areas. I liked that she increased or decreased pressure based on my personal needs. I’m going back for sure.


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